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the smell of ice
and vampire bites
thrill is in the air

fright night –
flashing sights ,
blurred lights &
candy so bright .

the scare of a clown
when no one's around ,
terror abounds
in cul-de-sacs of sound .

run run run
the shrieking rattle of death's bony fingers –
oh my God !
never mind , just a Grim Reaper .

& at 3 a.m. , when
the cycles begin again —
you know you've found
the thrill in the sound
"Happy Halloween!"

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he presses my hips against the grimy sink ,
tiles racing in an old-school mosaic ,
in the mirror a girl with scruffy hair and
too-wide eyes glimpses the boy rubbing her shoulders .
her heart stops –

against her chest
ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum

she imagines it is a bird , not yet ready to fly away
but she knows caged hearts are cliché and nothing can stop
the boy trailing kisses down her neck .

i don't understand how his mouth
moves so naturally
when my tongue
can't even scream .

he pushes her , she imagines
she is in a meadow , ribbons trailing from her hands
making beautiful imprints against the indigo sky .

she doesn't understand how she got on the floor .

finally , her voice flees her heart , and races up a straight-edged spine .

a shrill cry pierces him , he shoves her away ,
protecting himself he
runs .

she sleeps in the police car , dull lights faintly sparkling
cerulean and maroon . he never comes back .
trigger: rape
i got away . i'm so sorry to those who couldn't .
patterns of music whispered

as she stepped

over valleys of unmade beings ,

souls curtseying and

clouds soaring joyfully .

mountains burst

into existence at the sound

of her name .

she had a smile

to rival the moon's ,

and loved all the creatures

made and unmade .

Death was her closet friend .

he courted her sweetly ,

teasing and playing like a young child

as he tickled her ears and

fancied her bare feet .

red curls surrounded her

head like a crimson halo ,

and when the sun rose they

slept in golden grass ,

lace draping every tree .

God saw this companionship and

was jealous .

he wanted the girl for himself ,

& spun an elaborate plan to capture her heart .

he held a feast for all the creatures , big and small ,

wild and tame , and

invited Death and the girl as special

guests to entertain all the animals .

when the day of the celebration arrived ,

Death and the girl walked together , hand-in-hand .

God noticed this and separated the two

immediately ,

but before he had them sit down ,

God gave the girl a beautiful silver necklace .

he told her it held stars in its depth ,

and not to open it until your happiest moment .

Death was slightly saddened that he did not get

a special gift , but he was happy for his

friend .

at the end of the feast , God announced a brilliant

idea : the girl and Death should sing and dance for

all the creatures .

naïve and pleasantly full from the delicious food ,

the girl and Death happily agreed .

Death danced and leaped and spun ,

and the girl with fiery hair sung

a delicate melody , her voice

rising high to the heavenly

night and coaxing itself around

each creature's heart .

at the peak of her song , she laughed and

opened the locket , and the smile was still on

her lips

when she fell

from grace with

a crumpled sigh . God feigned shock

and horror as Death leapt forward .

he instantly realized what God had done .

taking her body in his arms , he spat vile prophecies at

God and all the animals ,

cursing then for eternity .

to this day ,

Death has held Love in his arms ,

keeping her caged forever,  

and when it rains,

you know God still weeps for

the wickedness he had done to the world .
she walked to the beginning of time
etcetera , etcetera . 

( an older piece . )
two lovers , eclipsed in eternity

[ i don't want tomorrow to come ]

colloquial conversations ,

come perch in the rafters with me

and we'll spin gold out of straw

and write our own fairy tales .

[ i dressed myself in bleeding madras ]

crusaders love your tenacity , your absentminded
speech gives them ecstatic delight .

but i want you to come home .

capricious wind bites my feet ,
blankets crying as bare skin
smothers dry bone .

[ the halcyon days are long gone , luv . ]
he's an indian summer in the middle of winter

    people say there are other fish in the sea , but i say " screw you , he was my sea ."

:grump: i'm a black-and-white mess , i threw up in the shower , and this feature is on pause . my damn life is on pause . he held my heartbeat in his wrist and he'd rather cut it out than press it to his lips . i'm sorry , i will be back later . my mind needs a hiatus 
hey my precious watchers ! :wave: i was just gifted a premium membership !!! and yup so much to who gave it , they weren't anonymous but i don't want to put them on the spot . (= but AAAAAIIIIYYYYYYYYY ! this is awesome ! there are so many cool features and stuff ! :boogie:

also ; i'm officially back ! :trampoline: and if you want to do a collab , that would be awesome ! i'd love to do more of those . :meow: and feel free to link some things if you want me to critique you , because now i can ! :D ( if you're not a member that's okay – i can still give you constructive crit , it just won't have a fancy format . (; )

and one more thing : LadyBitterblue has just started this awesome group called PoeticLetters . :nod: i order you to check it out ! :D and note me if you want to exchange letters ! :tighthug:

well , that's all for now folks ! have a blessed Sunday and keep being extraordinary ! :happybounce: 
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Queen Waffles
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Instagram : winged_nebulae ( follow me for new poems ! DM : if you need something / wanna stay in touch / wanna collab / wanna learn how to write ! :nod: it's a new account ^.^ )

hello fellow earthlings of dA! i am Belle (like the princess :happybounce:) but if you prefer funky nicknames y'all can call me Waffles! :D i am an avid writer and obsessed with poetry, so if you browse my gallery you'll find it full of poems about love, relationships, depression, and life. (=

other than writing, I love to read (mostly YA fiction), ride horses, (i'm going to have a summer job helping out my instructor with her stable and stuff! super excited! :happybounce:) reread books :lol:, watch youtube, shoot arrows (I take archery lessons!) and support others who are going through the same things I have.

oh, on that note, if you are feeling depressed or lonely or anything that you want help with, feel free to drop me a note. i love to help people who are going through crap because I have gone through the worst hell and gotten out of it alive. it makes me very happy to be able to help others as well. if you want to talk to me about anything, shoot me a PM and if you want me to pray for you, shoot me a PM too! i'll help you for absolutely no price, people shouldn't have to pay for help and advice. (=

[join my obsession!…

~Waffles, the Majestic Empress of Gondolin, signing out. :nerd:

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